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Wes is AMAZING! I was in pain for nearly 11 months from soft tissue damage and muscle imbalance due to a repeated stress injury. After only 2 sessions and 2 weeks I felt stronger and more balanced; I no longer had to plan my life around the pain. He helped so much more in those 2 sessions than 5 other medical professionals did in 10 months. I wish I had found him before spending nearly $2,000 other places.
A holistic approach to Physical Therapy. Wes thinks outside the box and tries to solve the root of the problem. He’s funny too!
Wes is extremely knowledgable and personable. His treatments allowed me to return to running when nothing else seemed to be working, and I’m extremely thankful! He truly listens to your concerns and creates a unique plan to help you return to doing what you love without pain.
By far the most effective treatments and plans to fix both my chronic and acute issues as a runner. Wes is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help people feel better!
Wes was an excellent PT. I’d had an ongoing issue for almost 6 months, one visit made a huge difference!
Sharp and skilled. Made more headway on a chronic problem than yoga, massage, chiropractic, or even (quite effective) acupuncture has. You’re in great hands with Wesley.
Wes is a fantastic PT. He helped me so much before and after my shoulder surgery.
Wow! I can’t speak highly enough for Wes Miller! I had been dealing with a tolerable pain for 6 months that developed into an intense back pain for two weeks. I tried massages, heat, chiropractics, seeing my MD, and many other therapies without any relief. A friend highly recommended I see Wes. He made time for me the day I called and spent 1 1/2 hours talking with me, showing me specific exercises and using dry needle therapy. By the next morning, I was 70% better! I went back for one more treatment and am now, one week out, 90% better! I plan to see him again in a week to make sure things continue to improve. Fabulous guy with a lot of knowledge and the healing touch!!
I went to Wes to help me with my running. What I found was someone that can not only help me with my running, but with the overall fundamentals of my body’s movement. I was amazed with some of the structural things I was doing daily that was putting limits on my running/cycling abilities. With some strength training of some counter muscles, I have been able to push myself further and feel stronger with no chronic pain.